How to fly with a little child? - Travel tips for families

How to fly with a little child? - Travel tips for families

The biggest fear of holidaymakers with family, which usually discourages them from flying, is that the otherwise boring, relaxing or entertaining flight can turn into a nightmare when travelling with a little child.

It is a fact that flying with a baby or a little child requires some extra preparation, but it is absolutely not impossible.

It is important that we try to manage this as much as possible in accordance with the child's habits and that we ourselves take the journey easy!

You should know that if you carry a stroller with you, we have two options: either register it in as luggage at the check-in or we take it on board as hand luggage. We provide the opportunity for both of these options, it is included in our ticket under the age of 2. At the check-in counter, a tag will be put on the stroller, depending on how many parts it consists of. After that, we can take the stroller up to the stairs of the airplane, where it will be disassembled and handed on board along with the suitcases.

At the take-off and landing, we should try to make the children drink something (in case of older children a chewing gum may be a good solution, as well) to even out the differential pressure, and to keep them hydrated in longer distances.

Stuffed animals from home, a pacifier or a beloved object will calm down the little ones. For the older ones we should take a colouring book, sticker game, tablet, or picture book for fun during the flight. The main goal is to keep the child from getting bored because he / she will cry.

It is also advised to have a neck cushion with us for the elder children, as they are likely to fall asleep on the plane.

Finally, here are some helpful tips:

  • We should have a nice, familiar toy and a new one to play with on board.
  • A change of clothes is essential for a child, especially in case of voyages overseas.
  • Let's not forget about the most necessary medicines. (antipyretic and painkillers)
  • The favourite game or music downloaded onto your phone can be useful when they are with us.