Parking Regulation

Regulations of traffic

Parking territory uses the standard rules of the road. Maximum speed limit is 15km/h. The rules of the road are valid after passing the gates. We kindly please take care the observing of the rules of right-hand, of starting and reversing! Controlling and administration happen meanwhile departuring and arrivaling. Moving on the territory of parking area helped by our staff. Vehicles need to parked observing the directions of our staff. Without any instruction vehicle shall be parked the way that it not obstruct the traffic. Wherever possible, please take your possessions with you when you leave your vehicle. You should leave the vehicle closed, with turning on the safeguadrs. If you do leave possessions in your vehicle, you do so at your own risk. Therefore, please do not leave them where they are visible. You should lock them in the boot or in an equivalent, secure, out-of-sight storage area within your vehicle. Customer shall keep the keys, there are no possibility leaving it by the staff. Losting the keys is on your own risk. In case of vis maior the operator can move the vehicles. Vis maior means fire, nature disaster, terror attack, and all those things, which can not be handled by humans and there are no possibilitys for insure. Meanwhile leaving the parking area our staff controll your right of taking the vehicle. Approaching the parking area is available on one revolving direction traffic lane in case of security while keeping the intsructions of the staff. Leaving the parkplace takes the priority. Traffic rules are valid until passing the gates.

PARKING TERMS AND CONDITIONS valid since 15th May 2013 until recalled

General terms and conditions

Theese General Terms and Conditions (hereinafter GTC) contain the general terms and conditions of a specific contract for the passangers – the owner of the vehicle and passengers (hereinafter-customer) after arriving to the parking area. The contract to be conlcuded for the storage, safe-keeping and other supplamentary services, the parts of this contacts are:

  • Parking Terms
  • GTC
  • Transfer administration
  • Parking fee
  • Contracts between passengers and travel agency

The operator post their standard parking fees, customers can ask for a copy of Parking Terms, for a fee.

These terms are apply for the whole parking area within the gates. Although the rules of the liability and account receivable is in apply even after leaving the parking area.

Arrival vehicles are administrated in accordance with the personal data regulations:

  • Photo and video will be taken of the vehicle, where the passangers may can be visible. The photos and videos are only used by the operator on his sphere activites, and are deleted 30 days after the contarct cease to exits. Photos or viedos will be given exclusively for the authority notice.
  • Data in the vehicle documents will be administrated.

In the event of debates against the administrated status of the vehicle the bruden of proof is on the customer. The fee of the proof can not be chargeable for the operator even if it was successfull.

Operator only accept

  • the vehicle documents or
  • the car registration documents as an offical certification, these need to be noticed by the customers.

Even all documents are correct and registred, the operator shall issue a card, that need to be singed by the customer. Signing the card means, the customer noticed all these regulations.

In case of denailing the signature parking services can not be used.

By the entrance the operator accept the customer as an owner, even the customer possess the right documents. By the departure – even there are no obvious doubt - the owner of the vehicle is the person who has the key and card to the vehicle.

The obligations of the Operator are:

  • after the fee was paid the operator stored the vehicle where it has been parked.
  • the operator save the vehicle in the status as it has been registred, and give it back to the person, who own the keys and the parking card, if the storage has been paid.
  • the operator guarantee the territory, that is necessary for moving by the vehicles.
  • the operator ensure the transfer to the terminals of Liszt Ferenc International Airport 2.

The customer shall pay the parkingfee, save the parking card and observe the parking rules.

In case of losting the parking card the customer has to pay the administration fee.

The operator has an insurance. The terms of the insurance available by the reception, customer can ask for a copy after paying its fee.

The operator liability is special in regard to the openair-parking area. The operator can not be answerable for the pollution, or any damage has been cased by the weather (storm, hail, ect.)

The operator do not controllate the assets have been left in the vehicle, do not registrate it either, in case of this the operator can not be answerable.

The operator do not take responsibilty for any assets, especially for audio-, video-, or telecommunication and navigation items.

The liability of the operator only expansive to their insurance. The damage not covered by insurance - regardless of how the damage and the extent of the damage occurred - the operator shall not be liable.

Gross negligence or willful cases resulting exemptions of insures make an exception.

The operator excludes all liability of damages caused by vis maior not covered by insurances and consequences of the autorithy regulations.

Animal, drug risky for public health, chemical, explosive, or any other object which is prohibited by law, can not be stored in the vehicle. If this is suspected, the operator shall inform the authority and hereafter observe their instructions.

Paying the parking fee

  • customer of travel agencys pay the fee as their contract contains it
  • individual customer shall pay the parking fee at latest they leave the parking area. The bill contains both the parking and transfering fee.

Unless any other condition payment is allowded only by the legitimiate Hungrian currency, in cash.

Customer shall accept, the parking area can be left after payment, otherwise the staff can reatin the vehicle. If there are any discussion with the payment the customer can not take any demand.

In case the customer can not show the parking card, operator shall check the customers right to the vehicle. The staff kindly ask the driver to verify their identity and show the car documents.

In case the driver is not the owner of the vehicle customer shall verify the right by an original warrant with signs and adresses at least of two witnesses. In doubt the operator has the right to ask authority for help, untill this the operator is able to retain the vehicle.

The issue of the ownership do not make the right for any direct or indirect demands of the operator.

Using the transfer

The operator ensure the transfer with own shuttles between the Budapest Airport Hotel**** and Liszt Ferenc International Airport for the customers.

The transfer fee is isncluded in the parking fee.

Even if the customer do not need any transfer, it does not modify the fees.

Transfer requires can make by the staff at the reception, or after the arrival by phone, using the contacts on the parking card.

The liability of the operator by material and personal damages during the transfer handled by the GTC.

Transfer services are available as they are required. The operator agrees, within 15 minutes from the claim in direction to the airport, and 20 minutes in direction to the hotel the shuttle will be in the parking area. Travel time makes about 15 minutes more. The customer shall take care of traveling time as an own risk.

The operator cares to observe travel time, but do not take the responsibility for lates caused by accidents, traffic jam, autorithy notice, technical problems. There are no possibilities to accept any demand about reaching the flight.

The staff help by the getting on and off the bus, but do not have the task to lade and handle packages.

Shuttles have determinated road, getting on and off is only available in the parking area.

The operator has the right to refuse the services, if the passengers are not suited for travelling.

The customer accepts the traffic rules and observes it as well.

The contract between the clients exists by passing the gates, after this complaints are not accepted.

All rights are in valid even in absence of parking card.

The parking policy is not outstanding issues in respect of other statutory provisions of the Civil Code and the operating activities prevail.

The general tariffs of the parking are the supplement of GTC.